Saturday, January 31, 2009

never admit it's your last stand!!

after months, and months, and months, and even more months of recording, my band Swordfights finally finished and released our first full length "Never Admit it's Your Last Stand".  I did the artwork for the it is!!
The second pressing (which will be in late April/early May)  is going to be in color...

You should totally go to our myspace page and listen to some tracks...If you check out the back cover image, you'll see the 'copyright significant cities 2009'...Significant Cities is the label we're going to be releasing all the Swordfights music under, and I'll also be using it as a publishing umbrella for my own (and hopefully some other people's) artwork. I'm working on some pieces for it now so hopefully I'll have those up within the next week or so. Thanks for reading.