Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Drawing for Illustration...and fun!

I'm currently taking Gayle Donahue's Drawing for Illustration class which is all about linework & various pen/ink techniques. After spending the last year drawing with nothing but technical pens the class has made me re-evaluate the way I draw & use lines, & I think my work (and attitude towards it) has been improving really quickly as a result.
Here's a few sketchbook pages from recent history & an assignment from Gayle's class...we had to do a self portrait & than choose either a pet, plant, or vegetable, & draw both in Alan Cober's style. I drew broccoli.

In other news, my band Swordfights has been making progress on the EP we started recording just before the new year & should be finished in about a month, with a release date in mid/late April. I'm quite proud with the way it's sounding...We're going to try and do something special for the packaging and include a zine of some sort with the disc, but more on that as it gets figured out.

I'm also doing a 2 page story for a Werewolf-themed-zine being put together by the same folks who set up the Space Hell show, and I'm working to start a web-comic with a friend of mine, so things are getting a lot busier which is a good feeling. Much more very soon!!

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